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Our story

The seed of our fellowship is the belief that radical leadership is required to transform broken systems. We started meeting online to inquire into climate action, activism, wisdom and transformation, inspired by courageous leaders in these areas. 

We kept challenging ourselves and our ways of working to model the change we want to bring about. As we went along, we decided to manifest our collective intention in a co-created mission, principles and a fellowship structure that backs other courageous leaders by accelerating SDG17.



They form our constitution and guide how fellows must hold themselves as part of the group.

1. When considering us, we consider all too.

2. We co-create and self-organise as a community.

3. We share what’s on our minds and hearts.

4. We shine light on each other’s blindness to expand awareness.

5. We stand committed for the long-run.

6. We address systemic causes rather than symptoms.

7. We uphold what we say YES and what we say NO to.

8. We challenge ourselves and our ways of working to model the change we wanted to bring about.

9. Our vision is aligned with the SDGs, Codes for a Healthy Earth, 2040 and Pachamama Alliance.


Why should you become a fellow?


You want to take a stand

We all know that leadership needs to take a leap to be able to transform broken systems. Stand with us and help make this happen.

You want to unite with others

We can do it better together when we’re motivated by a shared purpose and guided by common principles.

You feel responsible

But the responsibility is hard to meet. We keep each other accountable through monthly gatherings, online interactions and community.

You long for inspiration

As the fellows inquire into somewhat radical topics with courageous leaders, gatherings are inspiring because they’re challenging.

You’re intrigued by the fellowship

It worked in Lord of the Rings. Develop your network and connect with leadership experts like the former Indian Minister of Corporate Affairs and Head Coach of the World Bank.

You strive to build partnerships

We’ve made the least progress on Goal 17, Partnerships, of the Sustainable Development Goals, together with Climate Action and Responsible Consumption. Accelerate the change with us.

What is required

Be a leadership expert

Respect the principles

Support your fellows

Participate in gatherings


Become a fellow

If you have already received a code from your fellow, click the link below to fill out the nomination form. Once filled out, you're invited to join our next monthly gathering.

You can become a fellow yourself after you joined your first gathering.