Impact Facilitator and Social Artist, Founder of G25

Founder & Chief Training Facilitator at Holia

Coach and Filmmaker

Leadership Coach and former Executive Coaching Director
at The World Bank

Anurag Goel

Former Minister of Corporate Affairs

Behavioural Change Coach

Founder and CEO at GoodPeople

Founder at Trigger Conversations

Transformational Coach & Creator of MirrorMeeting™

Ashley Clark

Leadership Advisor and Designer

Anj Handa

Founder of Inspiring Women Changemakers

Gustav Seehusen

Leadership Coach and co-founder of IBC

Whether you’re an executive or leadership coach, consultant, HR professional, or facilitator, you’re welcome to join our fellowship of global leadership advisors. 

We are brought together by intuition, synchronicity, and urgency. We know that transformation starts with us: we challenge ourselves, our expertise and our ways of working to model the change we want to bring about.

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They form our constitution and guide how fellows must hold themselves as part of the group.

1. When considering us, we consider all too.

2. We co-create and self-organise as a community.

3. We share what’s on our minds and hearts.

4. We shine light on each other’s blindness to expand awareness.

5. We stand committed for the long-run.

6. We address systemic causes rather than symptoms.

7. We uphold what we say YES and what we say NO to.

8. We challenge ourselves and our ways of working to model the change we wanted to bring about.

9. Our vision is aligned with the SDGs, Codes for a Healthy Earth, 2040 and Pachamama Alliance.


How to join

1. Be invited by a current fellow and join our next gathering.
(Contact us if you don’t know any of the fellows yet.)

2. Decide within 3 weeks whether you’d like to join as a fellow. 

3. Get invitations to all future events and our online community on Slack.


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